OcuSolve Eye Wash 15ml


OcuSolve contains HOCl, which mimics the same oxychlorine composition as that manufactured by our body’s immune system, to kill infection, and neutralize toxins/ inflammatory mediators.

Macular oedema is the most common cause of irreversible visual impairment in patients with Uveitis, but a treatable entity. The relationship with chronic inflammatory activity and the ease with which this can be treated, confirms the importance of OcuSolve’s inclusion in any treatment regime.

Because HOCl is neutralized quickly, it is nontoxic to the ocular surface.

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  • You can use OcuSolve™ for all forms of inflammation and infection control related to Conjunctitvis, (including allergies), Dry Eyes, Uveitis and Keratitis. OcuSolve™ Eye Wash has several mechanisms of action:
    • Ocusolve is a  soothing anti-inflammatory (and anti-itch) treatment taking care of redness.
    • Gives long-lasting antimicrobial cover.
    • OcuSolve™ combats biofilms. A biofilm is a colony of microbes that exude sticky material which forms a matrix or grid.
    • It’s estimated that almost 70% of all infections that require treatment are due to biofilm formation. This film forms in order to protect the microbial colony
    • Ocusolve’s HOCl molecule penetrates and disrupts the biofilm and microbial cell membranes.
    • OcuSolve™ is thus able to create a challenging environment for invasive pathogenic Conjunctivitis.
    • Ocusolve’s HOCl is an Oxygen rich solution. Each Oxygen species has a distinct mode of action and capability:
    • which is a potent antimicrobial capable of eradicating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, viruses and fungus.
    • without promoting the emergence of newly resistant strains of infection

    Several studies have shown that HOCl (in OcuSolve) has a broader and more potent antimicrobial spectrum, than any conventional prescribed treatment.

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