Alkaline Water


Hydration is a key ingredient for a healthy body. Alkaline water delivers a balanced pH which aids and enhances our busy modern lifestyles. To be and stay fit, we all need an adequate supply of water every day – and that means more than just a bottle here and there. Small expensive bottles of water have been over-consumed for years and we know the waste generated by their use simply doesn’t justify them as an environmentally proper means to managing our daily water needs. Individuals can easily refill handy personal containers. It’s far more economical and simply the best way to enjoy the benefits of Alkaline water.

Why is water so important?

Water is essential for each living organism’s survival because without it, there would be no life on Earth. This tasteless, colorless and non-scenting liquid is vital to sustaining a healthy lifestyle by keeping you hydrated.

How is pH relevant?

The measurement of pH indicates a standard for “potential Hydrogen ions” in the water. Since most of the body is water-based (making up 50-60% of our total body weight), the pH level has profound effects on all body chemistry, health and diseases. In general, water with a pH value of <7 is considered to be acidic, whereas water with pH value of >7 is marked alkaline, keeping in mind that a value of 7 is neutral. It is believed that our human bodies function to balance the pH and the majority of foods we eat give rise to acid forming products.

What makes us acidic?

  • WHAT WE EAT including meat, fish, poultry, dairy, grains, refined or processed foods, fast food
  • WHAT WE DRINK including coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, many types of water (distilled, bottled…)
  • WHAT WE THINK including stress, worries, anxiety, negative thoughts
  • POLLUTION AND TOXINS that are omnipresent in the world we live in
  • INTENSE PHYSICAL EXERCISE that produces lactic acid
  • DEHYDRATION which slows down the body’s ability to cleanse itself through the kidneys

How can you counter acidosis and improve your health?

Our bodies are equipped to counter a certain level of acid imbalance but we can improve this by consuming more alkaline drinks and foods and ultimately create a better well-being. We take on the challenge to provide safe drinking water with relatively high pH values through a state of the art Electrochemically Activated Water (ECA) system.

Alkaline water is a new approach to healthier living and is understood to be the healthiest water, rich in electrons making it an antioxidant for promoting proper pH balance, keeping cells young, hydrated and boosts our immune system in combating harmful infections and diseases. Pure, clean water is important for good health. If we combine Alkaline water with a well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and regular exercise, we can lessen the acidic waste that bad eating and drinking habits form in our body.


1. The water produced is up to 6x more hydrating than normal water

2. It has anti-aging and anti-oxidizing benefits

3. It helps reduce excess acid build up

4. It helps to detoxify your body

5. It can improve your quality of life

Human bodies are mostly water and second to oxygen, it is the most important nutrient that we can consume on a daily basis. You need the best possible water: Alkaline water.

To truly feel the benefits of Alkaline water, we encourage everyone to make it their primary beverage consumed on a daily basis to benefit your body, mind and overall well-being.